Container bar

A movable 20-foot container with hydraulically hinged walls. A great solution for a festival or other celebration where there is no equipped building. Only 220v is required to open the container. Quick connection and installation. Inside mounted sockets, lighting.
No foundation required.

Supplier was found for the production of the container, because the supplier’s production terms was too long, we designed the container ourselves and manufactured it by combining several suppliers.

Our team of engineers performed strength calculations, prepared production drawings, ordered materials and ensured quality during production. we assembled , tested and disassembled to prepared for transportation. 


  • Plug-in only (one phase 220V);
  • Second floor ;
  • Socket and light with switch inside ;
  • Possible supply of outdoor furniture;
  • No foundation required;
  • Large useful area;
  • Convenient storage, can be built on top of each other.