Welcome to cooperate with Metal Production, UAB

Welcome to cooperate with Metal Production, UAB

Metal Production helps to scale fast in mass production and reduce risk of innovative business idea. We do so by providing market and technological feasibility study, engineering design, prototyping and mass production based on “open book” agent agreement. Contrary to other engineering companies, Metal Production has already implemented highly complex projects where more than 40 suppliers had to be managed to build the product. Up till now in more than 95% cases after product design Metal Production provided the best offer in terms of quality, lead time and production costs and was chosen as a partner for mass production

Within experience and wide range of possibilities we delivering benefits towards our client:

• Engineering services
• Big chain of reliable producers (ISO certified)
• Better price guaranty
• Follow up and Quality assurance
• Documentation follow up
• Better price and no headache for logistic and custom clearance

We focus on our client demand and synergy for mutual benefits.


We belong to the following organisations

We are the coordinators of the ROCKER CLUSTER


We are a member of the organisation SUBMARINER NETWORK

Seaweed technology is being developed in Lithuania

„Sirputis“ (Seaweed processing technologies) In cooperation with Lithuanian partner “Metal production” will develop macroalgae cultivation technology. After implementation of this project, it is expected to attract foreign investment and to offer an important innovation to the market.

In joint activity with “Metal production” and “Rocket cluster”, the company will develop a project “The Technology of Universal Position-Modular Cultivation, Automated Harvesting of Edible Seaweed”. The total value of this project is 4 million EUR. The amount of 2.9 million EUR is intended for the project implementation under the means “Smart FDI” of European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020.


Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

Gediminas Tamosaitis - CEO and Co-Founder of Metal Production UAB & coordinator of Rocket Cluster became Alllience member as a mentor for Blue Groth.

Metal Production is very motivated to meet different cases and other mentors in network. Be a part of Baltic blue economy growth and find feasible business cases for potential investments or for their sale leads. The expertise of Gediminas is process automation, engineering and production of non-standard equipment for aquaculture, industry and offshore sectors.

Metal Production UAB is SME in Lithuanian since 2012 with engineering office who helps to develop conceptual projects, do process automation and produce nonstandard equipment & constructions, for sub-sea, aqua culture, offshore or marine industry sectors. Also, the company is  one stop shop for fast track production.

Rocket Cluster since 2017 gathers different competences engineering companies to empower knowledge and capacity. Purpose of joint venture is to become more competitive and capable to deliver larger challenging projects in shorts terms for Today`s market.


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