Name Valentas Adomaitis
Position Senior Degin Egineer
Comes from: Gruzdžiai. Gruzdžiai is a small town in Šiauliai County in northern-central Lithuania.
Working in “Metal Production” since: 2017

How did you first become interested in engineering?

Since childhood, I have lived in the suburbs and had the great opportunity to test everything around me and be a curious child. One of the first big engineering adventures for me was when I had to disassemble the tractor’s engine to fix it, I was just 15 years old but I had a natural understanding of mechanical components and their principles of working in practice. Taking interest in mechanics and science also help me to take my engineering path further than just mechanics. In the 11th grade, I started taking algebra lessons. I enjoyed drawing details; it is excellent for hand development and teaches thoroughness. I also always liked sciences, especially physics and mathematics.

How did you become acquainted with Metal Production and how did you end up with us?

Jonas and I used to work in a company that was manufacturing industrial recuperators, even tho Jonas left the company we continued to be good friends. When Metal Production needed extra hands for new projects, Jonas asked me to work part-time by freelancing as a junior design engineer. It was a great opportunity to test myself in the new field and learn about the seaweed industry. In the end, it was the lack of monotony at work and of course the better offer by Gediminas that convinced me to get a full-time job at Metal Production.

How do you start your day?

I start my day together with my colleagues with a cup of tea and a small chit-chat. After that, I check my e-mail and organize and prioritize my plans and assignments for the day.

What was it like to start in Metal Production?

First I worked as a freelancer from home. I received technical assignments and drew designs. When I started working full time the first impression of the company was that it had very high criteria for engineers, I was heavily tested. Still, the support from Jonas and the team helped me to show good results throughout the trial period.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

After getting a job at Metal Production, not a single day was boring. You have to take a lot of interest in the project you are working on, search for information, and communicate with specialists in various fields in order to succeed with the production of non-standard projects.

What drives you at work and in your role, what’s fun?

I like my job as a senior design engineer at the Metal Production company because there is no monotony and you don’t know what the new day will bring.

Have you set any goals for yourself for the next year?

To work without stress and leave a footprint on engineering history.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Everything is changing too fast, but I see myself in the Metal Production company, that is grown into a large engineering design company.

What is the best thing about working at Metal Production?

People. The friendly, youthful, and flexible team – is always ready to help.

What is your favorite quote?

“Hold the gimbal!”

What are your interests?

In my free time, after work or over the weekends I like to search for treasures with a metal detector. Looking for historical and other treasures excites and entertains me. As well I like collecting coins, to this day I have 1471 different coins and the collection is growing. At my home, I have two huge large aquariums with various species of fish. 

Is there anything else fun we should know about you?

I am interested in history, specifically in the period of World War II. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about military equipment. As well I love to learn about the items found that I have found using a metal detector.

Any tips for aspiring engineers?

Always have patience, and diligence and be psychologically ready to redraw designs.

Any advice for your past self?

To maintain a balance between work and life. From my personal experience, I would say that it is better to work fewer hours per day but with quality than overwork and do the job poorly.


This or that? 
✔️ early bird
night owl
board games ✔️ video games
✔️ cars planes
flying car ✔️ amphibious car
✔️ sushi sashimi
✔️ tea coffee
too sweet ✔️ too salty
✔️ jack of all trades master of one
✔️ Harry Potter Game of Thrones
✔️ know everything have everything
truth ✔️ dare