Name Gediminas Tamosaitis
Position CEO, Co-Founder of “Metal Production”, “Rocket Cluster” and “Sirputis”
Comes from: Siauliai
Working in “Metal Production” since: the establishment in 2012

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Typically my morning begins with a cup of coffee and my colleagues, where we discuss and talk about current events the day before and what the plan is for the following day. We share our problems and come up with ideas on how to solve them. We discuss the result and what we are aiming for in the future. We are constantly talking about how much we want to achieve. After the “mini-meeting” I return to the computer, sit down and search for a solution to the problem, reviewing the plans and events we plan to attend. Of course, we analyze the needs and challenges of our clients and, as always looking for a potential where we can conquer and improve the world. As a CEO my job is to make sure all suppliers and clients are served on time and properly. It is both accounting, finance, and quality. And, you know, the win-win strategy of the whole process. At the end of the day, I think about what we need to discuss with the team the next day.

What are typical work tasks for your team?

These are undoubtedly the tasks related to the orders from our clients and how they come in and are processed: we are looking for ways to solve them promptly and accurately. This is what makes us more profitable as a company. The better the result, the better the company’s performance.

What drives you at work and in your role as a CEO?

The challenging task and mentoring perhaps are most inspiring. I like to inspire others and motivate them at the same time. That motivates me. I get motivated by the action itself. Just pursuing any ideas or ambitions. Don’t wait just do it. Take and follow. And then you look: flip to one side, the other, and then you get positive and negative results, and then you already decide how to improve or fix them. I get my inspiration from studying and learning, understanding all kinds of laws and details. I am currently studying for an executive master’s in business administration, more specifically a Master of Science in Management, but a module in Finance. I’m interested in financial ratios and I’m gradually implementing them into our company.

What is the best thing about working at Metal Production?

One of the advantages is that our workplace is strongly oriented toward team building, and teamwork. We are strongly associated with other companies, a Rocket Cluster, a football team, and children’s educational activities. Our company foundation is built on communities to achieve great goals and outcomes in professional and personal lives. I love to see and create synergies, seeing how 2 companies would make a big profit and make a big impact by cooperating.

What is your favorite quote? 

I have the following quote from the Story Selling conference, which Gintaras Ignatavičius constantly repeats: “A story that plays on neurons not only makes a person interested in that story but also makes a little indebted.” We are creating a very compelling story but at the same time a great lesson. And from that thinking, you can adapt yourself to specific challenges, how to solve those challenges quickly or how not to burn, not disappoint yourself and others. We have taken on several challenges ourselves where we have to deal with those stressful situations, but at the same time, we are sharing the experience that others could avoid those mistakes. Weare as well learning from others but at the same time, we create the story by taking action on our own. No doubt we owe it to those who taught us that we can pass the knowledge to others.

What are your interests?

Biggest hobbies outside of work… I would say it is spending time with friends and family. I like to socialize, build communities, participate in events, and engage in other activities like sports, and football. More on the management side – mentoring. I mentor Swarms start-ups for several businesses. I have been doing this for 6 years, I share my experience. Since those businesses are different, I see an action they take that is positive or negative. At the same time, I am learning and applying the experience I have gained in my company so as not to make those mistakes or to make a positive result. Those businesses are different, we don’t compete with them, but the very way of approaching how to solve certain tasks saves time and helps the company develop.

Is there anything else fun we should know about you?

I’m involved in aviation. 3-4 years ago I have learned how to operate an airplane and got a license, it was quite an enjoyable experience breaking it down.


This or that? 
early bird
✔️ night owl
board games ✔️ video games
cars ✔️ planes
flying car ✔️ amphibious car
✔️ sushi sashimi
tea ✔️ coffee
✔️ too sweet too salty
✔️ jack of all trades master of one
✔️ Harry Potter Game of Thrones
know everything ✔️ have everything
✔️ truth dare