Marine oil fired smoke tube boiler 1750 kW

Marine smoke tube boiler designed for oil fuel. Boiler is horizontal type with smoke tubes through the boiler. Boiler has cleaning hatches and inspection openings for easy maintenance. Boiler is designed according to DNV rules and has all required equipment. Total boiler output power 1750 kW, max. allowable pressure 6 barg., water temperature 94°C.

Metal production, UAB performed engineering part and outsourced production. Similar model drawings was given by client. Our team did engineering services:

  • Boiler 3d model; assembly and parts fabrication drawings;
  • Project documentation preparation;
  • Organizing boiler delivery to customer.

Metal Production outsourced production:

  • Metal Production created drawings related to factory requirements;
  • Metal production organized technical meetings and each step inspection;
  • Documentation follow up and inspection: Quality Control Plan, WPQR, WPS, Production plan, NDT reports, X – ray films, as built drawing, final documentation, third party documentation/certificates ;
  • Review of raw material certificates and traceability insurance;
  • Welding and welds quality inspection;
  • Required tolerance assurance;
  • Necessary action implementation corresponding quality failure;
  • Necessary action implementation corresponding production schedule delay;
  • Pressure test witness ;
  • Logistic and custom clearance assurance.

Boilers was produced and delivered corresponding purchase order requirements.