Channel letters with remote colour spectrum control

Infographics allow company to be single out and introduce itself in a creative way. Any size and shape signs is the first step towards successful presentation and a maximum impact to a customer.

According to customer request, UAB Metal Production designed LED channel letters with different color spectrum available to be changed. Channel letters are suitable for outside and can withstand wind gust up to 230 km/H. Letters can be connected into one system. UAB Metal Production prepared commercial offer and found a manufacturer.

Experience with well-known company Palmesus:

  • UAB Metal production performed engineering and subcontracting services. Requirements for letters dimensions and a sketch have been provided by a customer.

Our team performed were responsible for these activities:

  • Channel letters & assembly drawings;
  • Subcontracting manufacturing:
    • UAB Metal Production prepared production drawings requested by a manufacturer;
    • UAB Metal Production organized technical meetings and quality checking;
    • „Metal Production“ assured welding quality & needed tolerances.