Catamaran FlexiCat FC10

World’s population grow rapindly, food consumption is increasing every year. fish farms are increasingly developing in lakes or rivers. the customer wanted a fast, easy-to-assemble catamaran that could sail in shallow places. such as lakes or rivers.

FlexiCat FC10 is modular, easy to assemble catamaran that fits in one marine container. It is a robust working vessel made from marine grade aluminium and has a lifting capacity of 10 T. 0,7m (loaded) water line makes it perfect for shallow waters. Large living cabin with small kitchen and sleeping room for 4 people. FC10 is powered by 2x400hp water jets with 2x1000l diesel fuel tanks and Iveco engines that can run even on worst kind of diesel.


  • “Fassi” hydraulic crane with lifting torque 60KNm and 10,25m reach;
  • FC10 pantoons made of 8mm aluminium for extra reliability. Conventional vessels uses only 5mm;
  • Reliable 2×400 Hp Diesel engine with marine gearboxes and water jets for shallow waters;
  • Can rotate 360o;
  • Large cabin for 4 people with beds and small kitchen;
  • 2 Solar panels on rooftop saves fuel as no need to start engines for electricity;
  • 360o led lights for working at night;
  • Sonar, GPS navigation.