24 Hot Water Exhaust gas Heaters 316 TI

Metal Production, UAB created structural drawings of 24 custom designed, ultra-low weight exhaust gas boilers, each with a capacity to recover 1400kW of heat from the diesel engine exhaust gas. With this system are expecting to reduce the emissions from the rigs by more than 45.000ton CO2 and close to 760ton NOx per year of operation.

This project was focusing on reducing harmful emissions from offshore operations in combination with the requirement to reduce operational cost.

Our team services:

  • Metal Production created drawings related to factory requirements;
  • Metal Production organized technical meetings and each step inspection;
  • Documentation follow up and inspection: Quality Control Plan WPQR, WPS, Production plan, NDT reports, X – ray films, as built drawing, final documentation, third party documentation/certificates;
  • Review of raw material certificates and traceability insurance;
  • Welding and welds quality inspection;
  • Required tolerance assurance;
  • Necessary action implementation corresponding quality failure;
  • Necessary action implementation corresponding production schedule delay;
  • Logistic and custom clearance assurance.