Ship mounted container steam boiler (with two electric steam generators)


Outsourced production: 

Metal Production, UAB created engineering drawings and find a partner who made ship mounted container steam boiler. The module includes 2x3200kW electric steam boilers and provide an additional 9.600kg/hr of saturated steam for the FPSO marine and process systems. The shipping weight of the module is approximately 90 ton.

Our team services:

Metal Production created drawings related to factory requirements

Metal Production organized technical meetings and each step inspection

Documentation follow up and inspection: Quality Control Plan WPQR, WPS, Production plan, NDT reports, X – ray films, as built drawing, final documentation, third party documentation/certificates

Review of raw material certificates and traceability insurance

Welding and welds quality inspection

Required tolerance assurance

Necessary action implementation corresponding quality failure

Necessary action implementation corresponding production schedule delay

Logistic and custom clearance assurance.